Just when I almost got use to your magnificent work.....you tickle my fancy with unexplainable clarity and beauty!

Debra W.


Now that... Is a beautiful shot {referring to a bridal portrait} ... Its one thing to be beautiful... Its another to capture it like that... I will say and not so easily.. That is art...

Larry B. C.


You're amazing!! Thank you for capturing one of the sweetest most sincere moments of my life.

Valerie L.


This is probably the best wedding image I've seen in a LOOOOOOOONG time.....breathtaking....almost makes me wanna get married again to have a photo like this

Dawn P.


When Sharon said, you look like a Princess being filmed in Abu Dhabi! It was then between all the giggles and primping that the mama/wife/woman in me put the reality button on pause and the little girl in me came out to PLAY. I walked away feeling rejuvenated, restored and accepted. Not accepted by others, but by me. I accepted me for the whole package, a happy, loving, curvy mama who needed to take a breath from the everyday. I believe that the finished captured moment of the pictures spoke this experience in volumes. God Save the Queen and Sharon Beadnell. Love her!!!

All my best, Venicia


Where do I begin....

I have only had my daughter photographed at a portrait studio as an infant and of course your standard school pictures so I didn't really know what to expect when I scheduled our shoot with Sharon.  She had amazing ideas about location and wardrobe and worked with my preferences as well.  She clicked with Cami so well.  Sharon exceeded every expectation I had as a photographer and she went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% thrilled with the end results.  I will cherish the memories of the shoot as well as the incredible art that resulted for the rest of my life!

Sharon, you're amazing!  I love you!

Rachel L. French


I was in complete awe when I saw the picture. Sharon was able to capture a side of my son, Medko that few people even know exist. Because he was born with a cleft palate and lip people have the tendency to look away quickly. Sharon saw something else and captured a soulful picture of him! {refering to the photo of Medko in Salon, Lens Grafitti}

Thank you Sharon!!

Donna DeLong


You can see from her photos that Sharon creates an amazing product. What you don't see is the time, attention, and love she puts into her sessions and post-production. She truly cares about her clients and goes well above meeting expectations. In short, we love Sharon because she takes amazing photos and you have fun while she's doing it!

Kelley O'Brien