I like for things to be as simple and straightforward as possible so I have chosen to maintain the same pricing structure on all my portrait sessions at this time, regardless of the type of session that interests you.

la bella glam sessions ~  these sessions are highly stylized to your desired experience.  Included in this session is a comprehensive consultation discussing wardrobe, location, make-up artistry and styling.  This is the Big Girl's version of Dress Up and the sky is the limit!  I have world class stylists that I work with who are always on the cutting edge of chic, modern, vintage and sultry*.  You may use your own stylist for the day if I may review their portfolio and their work clicks with our vision for your session. 


Children/Family/Senior sessions ~ I started my photography business shooting children and families.  We just clicked!  Children "get" me.  Dads do too!  Moms . . . we speak the same language.  Some of my favorite images come from the first 15 minutes into a session when I am doing "lighting tests" and getting everyone comfortable with a camera following them around.  Catching you with your guard down, in an authentic moment . . . those are the priceless images.    The ones that make you say "WOW".  I get those.  EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I also spend time during our complimentary consultation finding out what is important to you.  What you want your experience to be and the little things that you want me to be aware of so that I can help you feel comfortable during your time with me.  I do sessions on location or in your home.  During your consultation, we will decide on a time that is best for you and to optimize lighting if using only available lighting is preferred. 


{What should I wear?}

For group photos, coordinating is cool; matchy match . . .  well.  You'll match.  Just like everyone else. This is a great time to express your individuality while capturing your "connectedness".  Richness in color, texture and layers ALWAYS work.  Accessories are a plus ~ we can take them or leave them.  And whatever you do, bring along that item that you think will positively be absurd, but you're just dying to try out anyway.  For individuals, all of the above is true and then some.  Costume changes are welcome, but for everyone's sanity, two is a good number (don't forget layering!).

{You don't understand, my child(ren) NEVER smile(s) AND/OR they are unruly!}

You clearly underestimate my ability to invoke a response.  I make sounds that only bats and children can hear and I have been known to conduct an entire shoot segment speaking Kittenese for instruction.  My subject understood perfectly; her mom was not fluent and luckily was not in the shoot.  Really, that is what I'm looking for . . . a child's natural response to me and our interaction.  Authenticity makes a beautiful image.  That being said, smiling is highly overrated.  Some of the most beautiful work with children didn't display a single tooth.  You will never hear me say "cheese" or "smile".  I might also ask parents to step away and enjoy the other scenery at the shoot.  Children often look to be coached by their parents and when they are getting direction from too many sources, they get confused and irritated (irritated pictures are adorable though!).  If I get in over my head, I'll bring parents back into the mix.  I may also spend some time just having a conversation with children, even though they may find it rude that I am firing my shutter while they are explaining something to me. 

 {You don't understand, my (husband/fiance/boyfriend/dad) NEVER smiles!}

 See above. 

But seriously, many men think they'll be so UNCOOL in photos.  They might have been seriously injured or humiliated at a "Targ-Mart" photo shoot as a child and never have been able to talk about it.  Not to worry.  I have never met an UNCOOL guy in front of my camera.  This may also mean that he gets to wear an item or pose in such a way that will make you want to climb a tree.  Let's just go with it and see what happens.  Don't forget the outfit change option!

 {What if I "freeze" in front of the camera and don't get good pictures?}

 That isn't possible.  It is up to me to make the shot, not you.  Relax and trust me.  Seriously.  It is my name and reputation on the line too and I only capture AWESOMENESS! 


 {When will my collection be ready for review}

 A minimum of 30 professionally edited images will be available for review and selection approximately 2-3 weeks after our session in an online, private salon that is password protected.  These images will remain online for 5 days during which time, you may make your selections. 

 {When is the minimum of $250 for a print order due}

 You should be prepared to pay this print deposit prior to or at the time of your session in addition to your $175 session fee (see Investment tab).  Full payment of your entire order is due prior to processing your order.

 {Can I purchase the digital negatives?}

 You can.  Single, full resolution, fully edited and enhanced digital negatives are $150.00.  However, digital collections are now available starting at $375 with a $50 print credit. 

{Do you ever offer Mini-sessions?}

Yes, I do.  Although very rarely.  If you would like to be put on a mailing list to be notified of an upcoming mini-session, please email me at sharon@tokobobophotography.com

{But what if I don't like ANY of the photos}

 Not possible.  During our consultation, I'll get a feel for what you are looking for and you'll know if I am the one you want to work with.  Once that is established, we'll develop a plan to deliver stellar results.

 {Do you offer (fill in the blank) processing/sizes/products?}

 Yes.  I am contracted with several professional color labs that cater to professional photographers only.  If you've seen it created, I have a lab that has a product line for it.  I have a comprehensive pricing list available during our consultation and if you desire a product not listed, I will provide a quote for you in writing. 

 {Where do you get your prints?}

 I use professional color labs that cater to professional photographers exclusively.  My monitor is calibrated with professional calibration tools and YES, there is a DRAMATIC difference between a professional lab and (fill in the blank) big box store.

 {What forms of payment do you accept?}

 Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.  

Commercial Shoots

 {Where can I find detailed information about commercial shoots?}

Because the needs for commercial photography clients are generally "outside the box" as far as image needs, I will discuss your specific needs and how best to deliver the services that will maximize your venture. 

For additional information please email me at sharon@tokobobophotography.com.

*additional fee will be added if I provide the stylist for la bella glam sessions.