All of the images that I publish on this site, on its affiliated TokoBobo Photography blog and on TokoBobo Photography/Facebook are copyrighted by me. I retain exclusive copyright over all images, client or otherwise, unless expressly noted.

As an artist, I create images based on the story I want to share in print or digitally online.  Please do not scan or alter your photographs that are in any of the client galleries on this website, the blog associated with this website or on the TokoBobo Photography Facebook page. You are more than welcome to link to any images in your blog post and post those links on social media or the internet in general.  If I give you permission and/or access to post an image on a specific medium, you must keep the watermark intact.  Additionally, I never, under any circumstances, give permission for anyone other than myself to alter my images in any manner for any reason. 

I offer high resolution digital images with every collection, and with that comes a limited print release, which allows you to print as many pictures as you need of the images you purchase. Please inquire for more details.

If you have any questions or if there are other uses like contest entries, please feel free to contact me at sharon@tokobobophotography.com and we'll explore your options!

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Sharon Beadnell

TokoBobo Photography