Conceived of in early 2011, TokoBobo Photography partnered with local adoption and fostering organizations to provide custom photography for children needing families.  While most of the children will not be able to be highlighted on this site, it became a way for me to provide something meaningful to a special group of human beings and paying it forward to a process that is near and dear to my heart.  Along with this venture, I also decided that the arrival home of a child and adoptive family deserved to be memorialized.  Knowing that the cost of custom photography, after paying fees associated with the adoption process, might be prohibitive in some cases, I have decided that it is a gift I wish to offer to families as they begin their new lives together.  When my own child arrived home, we had family to greet us, but no one to photograph the homecoming.  I missed that.  I want to be a part of making sure families can enjoy the process of "Coming Home" and leave the photographic process to me . . . . please contact me if you know of a family that might need this service as a gift from me to them.